Our lives are a book in which others can read the instructions we give them.
Treatise on the Eight Beatitudes, Jeanne Chézard de Matel

For Jeanne, the bonds of community among her daughters was critical. She devoted much time and effort to this end-writing letters and treatises for their encouragement and inspiration, traveling long distances even while ill, sending Sisters from one monastery to another when needed. All of her letters to her daughters reveal a strong maternal love for them, concern for their health, lively sorrow for the death of any of them, sadness at the lukewarmness of some of them, and wounds caused by the disturbances at her monasteries in Grenoble and Paris (Jeanne Chézard de Matel and the Sisters of the Incarnate Word, John Lozano, CMF, p. 63).

In the tradition of our foundress, Jeanne Chézard de Matel, we choose a form of life that is contemplative, communitarian and apostolic. The love of the Trinity is our inspiration and strength as we strive to be a loving community. Visible community living proclaims to all that love in diversity is possible. The community which we form is centered in the Person of the Incarnate Word Who opens us to the inner life of the Trinity where Father, Son and Spirit are one.

The love of God and of God’s people requires each of us to continually move to other-centered love. This demands constant effort and attention which is supported by [our prayer, liturgical life, and loving friendships]. We strengthen bonds of love by mutual concern and respect for individual gifts and differences and by our cooperation in ministry.

Our life in community is both a gift and a call. By our unity we announce to others the Presence of God dwelling among us, and we give witness to the Kingdom as we “love and teach others to love”

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