Jeanne’s Spirituality

Jeanne’s life was focused on the Person of Jesus, the Word – made – flesh for love of us. She saw Jesus as the gate through which we enter to the Father and then to our neighbor. The Spirit prepares our hearts to welcome God there. Her whole life was an effort to return the love poured out on her by God.

Through the Eucharist Jeanne experienced the intimate love of the Incarnate Word. She yearned to be that presence for others by allowing God to make of her life a word and sacrament of love.

Scripture was a continual source of nourishment for Jeanne. Her writings are filled with biblical quotations which she understood was the key by which she would know God’s will.

The cycle of the liturgy was also important for Jeanne who yearned to live the mysteries of Jesus’ life in her own. She looked for inspiration from the lives of the saints’ on their particular feastdays.

For Jeanne, Mary, Mother of the Incarnate Word, was also mother of the Order. Jeanne saw her call to found the Order of the Incarnate Word as a participation in the motherhood of Mary, once again giving birth to Jesus in the world. Mary was her model of total surrender.

Jeanne’s love of the Church, the People of God, enabled her to surrender her dream of a quiet life of solitude with her Beloved. Rather, she committed herself to serving the people as teacher, writer, spiritual director and friend.

The beatitudes expressed for Jeanne how she wished to be Christ in the world. She wouldn’t rest until all the world is striving to be just, compassionate, and single – hearted.

“I have never wanted, nor will I ever want to be learned; rather, I want to be a lover…”
Complete Works 3, Letters of Jeanne Chézard de Matel, p. 8

Love was the focus of Jeanne’s spirituality…

  • …the love of Jesus, God – made – flesh for love of us
  • …the giving of her whole life to returning the love poured out on her by the Trinity
  • …her yearning to be Eucharist – Jesus’ presence – for others
  • …her searching the Scriptures for God’s word to her
  • …the inspiration she received by celebrating the feasts of the liturgical cycle
  • …her following Mary’s example of total surrender
  • …her love and dedicated service to the People of God
  • …her passion for beatitude living, making her life a blessing for others

Jeanne wanted to be…

a crystal vase,
clear, simple and empty,
pouring out God’s love

a mirror,
revealing the One
she loved

a book
Book and Fire in which others could read
the instructions
she gave them

setting hearts ablaze
with God’s love

Pilgrim Traveler the home of love
for Jesus and others

a pilgrim,
seeking no
permanent dwelling
in this world

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