Triune and One God,
we are not worthy
nor capable of having your greatness
enter the littleness of our world or our hearts.
The heaven of heavens cannot even contain you.
Yet, you choose to make your dwelling place with us.

Source of all Being, Eternal Word, and Holy Spirit, we praise you!
Life, Light, and Love, we bless you!
Artist of our humanity,
Icon of Divine Love,
Living Flame of Radiant Glory,
we thank you!

Good God,
lover of human beings,
we praise you for the great love shown us
in the sending of your Incarnate Word.
Born of the Virgin,
the Word became our Savior,
like us in all things but sin.

You have given us Christ
as the perfect example of holiness:
we see Christ as a child in the manger,
yet acknowledge Christ as God.
We see Christ’s face
and discern the countenance of your goodness.
We hear Christ speak the words of life
and are filled with your wisdom.
We search the deepest reaches of Christ’s heart
and our own hearts burn with the fire of the Spirit.

We look to the Bridegroom of the Church,
streaked in Christ’s own blood,
and know the richness of your compassion.
The Church rejoices in the glory of Christ’s resurrection
and shares in the promise it holds.
Gracious God, listen to our prayer.
Christ, the Anointed One,
has written the image of God’s Self
in the life and ministry of your Servant, Jeanne Chézard de Matel,
making her an icon of the Incarnation.

Hear us and bless (+) this image of your Vessel.
May it be for us a window to eternal glory
and a fountain of life-giving grace.

As your faithful people honor the image of your Beloved Bride,
may we be of one heart with Jeanne,
and of one mind with her beloved Spouse,
your Incarnate Word.

Together, in the power of Spirit,
may Jeanne, with Christ Jesus,
who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life,
lead us to you.

Like Jeanne,
may we lose ourselves in you,
raised up to you, through you.
May the grace of Jesus Christ,
of the Father,
and of the Holy Spirit
be with us forever!
Glory be to the Most Holy Trinity!
Amen! Alleluia! Amen!

As you pray…as you gaze upon and listen to Jeanne Chézard de Matel:

May your whole being be blessed with her hunger for God.
May your eyes see with her single-hearted vision.
May your heart know the fire of her heart for justice.
May you walk with patience in the darkness of suffering and persecution.
May your hands reach out with the bread of compassion, mercy and peace.
May you live simply.
May you walk gently.
May you, with Jeanne Chézard de Matel, become a vessel of God.

This is the blessing that was used to bless the original icon on July 8, 2001 during National Reunion IV in Cleveland, OH, during the Eucharistic Liturgy. The Blessing was written and given by Rev. Michael G. Woost, a priest of the Diocese of Cleveland.

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